Dragonboy-Short Film

A knight. A princess. A dragon. 
Three little kids... one school play...
An epic battle for love and honor...

    Dragonboy is an Academy Award Winning short film thesis that I did in collaboration with two other awesome animators, Lisa Allen and Shaofu Zhang! I was responsible for Dragonboy's character design, model, rig, texture, UV maps. We all animated each of the characters
38th Student Academy Award  Winner - Gold Medal

Here you can see my generalist work in many areas of Dragonboy production. From character design to modeling, texturing and compositing. I hope you like it!

 My compositing on Dragonboy

Composition done by Bernardo Warman on AfterEffects.
Shots animated by Lisa Allen, Bernardo Warman and Shaofu Zhang

Progression Reel

Shots by Lisa Allen, Bernie Warman and Shaofu Zhang

My concept drawings of Dragonboy.

UV Texture Maps for Dragonboy and the Knight

Dragonboy textures:

Knight textures:

My Dragonboy CG model